Private Proxies is a private proxy service.

Private proxy means that the proxy process uses an IP that is dedicated to the customer only.

There are many "similar" services that actually resell the IP which results in possible privacy issues and low IP quality. guarantees that your licensed IP addresses are not shared with other customers. also guarantees that the IPs have no abusive history and we do not tolerate abuse or spam.

Customers can use their licensed IPs as SOCKS proxy or HTTP proxy or as VPN proxy to tunnel the whole computer.

Your IPs can be controlled by our simple Webtool, our desktop application "API-tools" or directly through the API.

Our simple Webtool and VPN makes us great as a general privacy solution for interner users,
who wish to have one or a few secure online identities ready.

Our powerful API and expert level technical support makes us a great partner for professional IT projects.

Several successful startups are already powered by

If you haven't already, please take a look at our introduction video on the frontpage.

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